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Artist Statement

Orange Fish Symbol
22" x 15" - Watermedia - $500
"With God's help, I can be all that
I am meant to be." - Jerry Wray

Twenty years ago, I started a new series of non-objective paintings based on symbols: both universal as well as personal, subjective ones. This series is called "Inside Looking Out". The "Orange Fish" shown on this page is an example of this series. The series is the result of some Jungian studies I have been experimenting with in connection with my "inner journey" and as an outgrowth of my Judeo-Christian background, as well as my strong beliefs. The name of this series is "Inside Looking Out". It represents my inner person, looking toward the light of truth.

From that series grew another series called "Dream Fragments". I paint animals, birds and fish, plus some of my personal symbols used in the "Inner Journey" - these figures are almost, but not quite real. They seem very familiar to me - as if I had known them in my dreams or in my subconscious being. I would not be surprised if they seemed familiar to others also - as we are all connected in our deepest selves.

At this time, I feel that my work has finally consolidated into the direction I have been looking for all of my life. I am so excited about the paintings, I can hardly finish one before another is formed in my mind. I call them abstract symbolism using figures from children's' drawings, primitive cultures and my own personal symbols drawn from my Christian experiences "a very subjective approach to painting".

I experienced a breakthrough in 1992, pouring brilliant new inks on paper. I visualized an overlay of symbols in the pouring, notably the fish. Other Christian symbols and primitive images started to appear in my work. This series is called "Inside Looking Out". The "Orange Fish" shown on this page is an example of this series.

The "Altar Series" is the last series in this group. It is composed of a square in the middle representing the earth which is an altar to God, an oval at the top representing God, one to 3 ovals at the bottom representing God and the Trinity. My paintings tell a story similar to the way the primitives told stories by painting on cave walls.

The "Children's Stories and Fairy Tales" is a group of paintings that are an outgrowth of the "Dream Fragments" series. By using a small mat, I isolate parts of the "Dream Fragments" in painting. When I find a composition, I enlarge it to full size - Queen Peacock is an example of one of these paintings.

People say my paintings appeal to the collective unconsciousness and the child in each of us. I expect each viewer to receive "a sense of delight and inspiration".