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Born Geraldine Smitherman, a native of Shreveport Louisiana and the mother of four children, she received her BFA from Newcomb College Art School, Tulane University in New Orleans.

Jerry, one of the art pioneers of Shreveport has been a leader in the local art groups. She participates in workshops and conducts weekly art classes in her studio.

Ms. Wray began working in watercolor in 1943 as student at Newcomb College Art School. She graduated with honors for the best senior project. The drawing painting portion was selected to represent Newcomb in a student exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. It was later used as a teaching tool at Newcomb. After graduating, she became a professional painter and now works in a wide variety of water media, including watercolors, inks, acrylics and collage, often combining them to product exciting visual expressions with a special emphasis on color.

Jerry has won over forty awards in the last thirty years in juried exhibits, has had 28 shows in the last 15 years and many group exhibitions throughout the U.S. including the Virgin Islands. Her paintings have been purchased internationally for both private collections and several Fortune 500 companies. A German firm recently purchased some of her originals and has published and distributed high quality, limited edition worldwide, as far away as Japan. In 1996, she was elected to the National Association of Women Artists. In 1999 she was selected to be in Manhattan Arts Magazine Showcase Award. She is represented in 7 galleries and 7 museums world-wide.

As an active grandmother she makes time to paint with her daughters and grandchildren...the three generations had a show at the Barnwell Art Center in Shreveport. A disciplined, prolific artist, Jerry has painted over 1000 paintings in the last 10 years. Her work can be found in many galleries across the nation and museum collections. In the past, Jerry was inducted into the Visual Arts Hall of Fame, Shreveport, Louisiana. This year, Mrs. Wray will be inducted into the Byrd High School Hall of Fame.

Jerry has had 20 one-person shows in the last 11 years.

Mrs. Wray has also had much TV and newspaper coverage including a thirty minute interview on the Shreveport Channel. Her publications consist of “American Artists of Renown”, “Encyclopedia of Water Color Techniques for Landscape” by Slogan, and Marquis “Who’s Who in the World 1998-2007”.

Jerry Wray’s Collections

Jerry Wray in her studio
  • Louisiana Watercolor Society - LWS
  • Federation of Western Watercolor Society - FWS
  • Elected member of the Louisiana Artists
  • National Watercolor Society - NWS
  • Southwestern Watercolor Society - SWS
  • Watercolor Society of Houston - WASH-H
  • Georgia Watercolor Society - GWS
  • International Society of Experimental Artists - ISEA
  • National Association of Women Artists - NAWA
  • Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Museum (Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey)
  • Goddard Museum (Ardmore, Oklahoma)
  • Meir Museum (Lynchburg, Virginia)
  • Biblical Art Center (Dallas, TX)
  • Meadows Museum (Shreveport, Louisiana)
  • The State Exhibit Museum (Shreveport, Louisiana)
  • Multi-Cultural Center (Shreveport, Louisiana)
Good Friday
Collage Series
30" x 22" - Acrylic
Private Collectors
  • The King of Saudi Arabia’s Summer Palace
  • Ying Wai Linn, (Singapore)
  • Lawrence Walmsly, (Germany)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leon Loard (Alabama)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Chappell (England)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kinsey (Louisiana)
  • Mrs. Ora Marie Tempelton, (Texas and New Mexico)
  • Dr. B. & Ann Jones (Louisiana)
Public Collectors
  • Louisiana State Capitol Building (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
  • LSU Medical Center (Shreveport, Louisiana)
  • Deposit Guaranty Bank of Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Bank One of Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Lockhaven University (Pennsylvania)
  • AM South Bank of Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Three Fortune 500 Companies

Her work is included in many online fine art gallery sites as well.